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2 years 2 late

February 17, 2013

IMG_3937Ya, wow, two years since I’ve written and really, it feels as though it’s been two years since I’ve ran a lot! Yikes! A lot has happened in those two years but excuses are a crutch for the weak so I’m not going to go there. So let’s see, recent running. My last “race” was the 2011 Pikes Peak Ascent. I didn’t do so well and gave up. Pathetic. I’m a very competitive person and I’m the most competitive with myself. When I don’t do well, I give up instead of doing more to be better. Then, if I didtrain my ass off, I know I’d be an uber workout-aholic and it might impede on family time which I don’t want to happen.

No matter what, I am running more so that’s good. I’ve adopted some sort of running schedule and it helps. I also have a dog to run with and have found that taking music with me is motivating. The Incline became legal on 2/1/2013 so that is more motivation as well. Then there is the motivation of not being fat. If I don’t want to be fat, I’ve got to run. I’ve gotten way out of my comfort zone and it’s been tough to work it off. Yeah, I’m blessed with good athletic genes however, my body is NOT perfect and if I want to fit into my jeans, I need to tone it up.

Goals for 2013: run the Triple Crown (Garden of the Gods 10mi, Summer Round Up and Pikes Peak Ascent)

For now, it’s a goal just to run every day.

Latest running

July 20, 2010

Since I’m writing this, I survived my two huge (so far) races! I ran in my first ever 10 mile, Garden of the Gods and LOVED it! Then, the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown, the Summer Round-up Trail Run, my first ever 12k! Now for the Peak!! Just a mental note for me, the races, distances and times I’ve done:

2009 Women’s Dist. Fest/5k/28:33

2009 5k for the fallen/5k/27:03

2010 Rescue Run/10k/1:05:27

2010 PPVC MS 5k/5k/30:32

2010 Garden of the Gods/10m/1:43:18

2010 Summer Round-Up Trail Run/12k/1:21:19

2010 Women’s Dist. Fest/5k/26:25

Running low

June 8, 2010

on motivation. So low that I’ve decided to torture myself. Well, not really. But sort of.

Punishment consists of no:




-sugar (honey and raw is ok)

-no more computer late at night, sleep is important!

-getting up earlier…tough one

-and, working out everyday. Preferably running but volleyball and hopefully weightlifting as well.

The first leg of the TCR is coming up. GOG 10 miler is this coming Sunday. Since I don’t train, I plan on running for FUN!🙂

Triple the fun?

March 18, 2010

I decided to register for the Pikes Peak Triple Crown. Oofta. Non-stop training and Ascent support group…here I come!

Why do I run?

March 18, 2010

Let me count the ways…

#1-so I don’t get fat. That’s my #1 pet peeve. I hate feeling love handles, seeing cellulite and feeling my thighs rub together in shorts. Ok, I know, TMI but still…that’s why it’s my #1!

#2-So I don’t get passed anymore by people who are twice my age going twice as fast. Bummer.

#3- TONE-AGE! I love muscles! And man does it feel good to tone and see muscle definition!

#4- Friends, family and new friends. I like to run with my friends and feel the love that is running! Also it’s something my husband, son and I can enjoy together! Not to mention getting to meet NEW friends!

#5- It may just keep me sane!

#6-There are always new, fun and exciting challenges that await! Social runs, races, a new trail etc…

#7-It gives me an excuse to buy really cutesy outfits!

#8-Keeps me healthy.

#9-I have goals and can see improvement.

#10- It’s fun!

I need to remember these things the next time I feel like NOT running!

CRC Social run tonight. First time closing the store so the employees could run! It was fun!

Rescue Me…

January 1, 2010

I am doing a 10k! Well, actually I did a 10k, and look…I survived to tell the story!

“10k” always sounded scary to me, I guess it sounded more like “10 miles”, which is scarier. I’ve always been a 5k wanna-be just because of the pure fact that it was the shortest distance offered in many races! I figured hey, if I can run a 5k, there are a lot of races I can do! Well now it’s not so true. I’m finally beginning to realize that if I want to get anywhere in the running world, I either need to be super fast at a 5k or withstand long distances at a reasonable time. I can’t decide which idea I like better. Hold that thought…I just thought of running a marathon, I got sick to my stomach and may have thrown up in my mouth a little…ok I’ll stick to the “short” and fast races for now.

Back to the 10k, my husband and I ran the 32nd Annual Rescue Run 10k. They also had an option for a 5k but I decided that it was time to move on and try other things. After torturing my 2 year old son to try and run in the kids 50 meters, it was time to try and focus on my torturing run. I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea what the course was like (maybe it was better that way). I had no idea WHAT I WAS GETTING MYSELF INTO! Finally the time came to line up at the start, the final countdown began…”3 minutes until race start” was shouted over the loud speaker. I took a look around, and with the amount of people that were there, (778 finishers overall) I figured I’d be able to squeeze my way through them and hide out in a port-o-potty. Too bad the husband had me on visual lockdown! “30 seconds left until race start” CRAP! Where did the time go!?!? Ok, here we go, one more chance to jump up and down and get the jitters out….GO! We were off! There were so many people at the start and since I am so new to races, I just shadowed behind the hubby. Elbows were thrown, snow was flung, some noses were raised as people (old and young) passed me. The first couple of miles was all uphill, a steady incline on pavement. Blah…I wore my trail shoes. Again, I had no idea what the race course was like or else I would have known better! My trail shoes did come in handy once or twice downhill at least!

Even though the sun was out and it was a beautiful day, I went back and forth trying to find the right temperature with my sleeves. Remember that ONE winter running outfit I have? Yeah, those sleeves. Up with the base layer, down with the top layer. Down with the base layer, up with the top layer. Brr….down with both layers. After I was done playing musical sleeves…I just left them alone and started to refocus on the last few up-hills until the turn around. After that, it was smooth sailing down hill. The hubby and I posed for the race photographer (nice pose darling) and then pushed to the finish. Or should I say PULLED. That’s right…the whole last 50 meters or so, my wonderful husband was pulling on my jacket so that he could finish in front of me! Sheesh! It’s not my fault that I have long legs and can sprint the finish…back off buck-o!

Running OCD, “I can transform ya”

December 30, 2009

Came home from work and had the house to myself. Normally, I would make a cup of tea and then take a nap. That was the old me! Today, I’m a runner!? I wanted to get out the door at a reasonable time so that I could be home in time to welcome my two favorite guys home! (husband and 2 year old). Getting out the door was one thing, on time was another. For some reason, I am a little OCD about my running habits. Most of them have to do with comfort and not superstitions. Today…it was a little of EVERYTHING! First of all, I couldn’t find my shoes. Then once I did, I couldn’t tie them just right. After struggling with the laces, I searched around for my ear covers, my gloves and water bottle. I was like a fart in a wind storm! After I was able to wrangle in all of my running gear, I had to get it all on. Now one would think that working at a running store provides ample opportunities to purchase great gear. In my case, not so much. For some strange reason, I only have one “cold weather” outfit. It’s not even comfortable below 30′ so I really should buy some new stuff. I run in the same black Moving Comfort tights, my fave Nike long sleeve  Colorado Running Company shirt and a new Saucony jacket. It’s not fun washing your running clothes every night! So, since I have the same outfit, I’ve gotten used to the way I wear it (or at least think that I have). “Duhn duhn duhn….” ***CUE THE RUNNING OCD**** my Nike collar has to be tucked under the Saucony jacket just right, the zipper of the Nike shirt has to be in just the right spot to accomplish this. Then, I make an effort NOT to feel the collar of my jacket on my neck or chin (it drives me CRAZY when I run). Also, the shirt sleeves have to be all aligned and if I feel a seam in the wrong place, watch out! Shirt and jacket, check! Next comes the warm gear for the face and head. If I decide to wear my buff around my face to shield the cold, that goes on first…but must take caution, not be too tight and STAY AWAY FROM MY NECK! Next comes the ear cover that has to be pushed below my chin until I do my hair. It’s a crappy little headband I got from Goodwill years ago…and needs to go! It’s crap! That is another item that must not touch my neck! (OCD!) Warm weather gear for the face and neck, check! Now for the ipod shuffle. This little beast looks innocent but is not as tame as it looks. Clipping it on is the first struggle…do I put it on my pants? On my shirt? In a pocket? Do I even HAVE a pocket? Will it stay on? Can I reach the controls easily? It goes on the pants today then the ear buds are very carefully and delicately weaved under my jacket, laced through the handy headphone “loop” on my Nike shirt and then hang there for a few minutes. Now comes the really hard part…the hair. If you knew my hair, you’d understand. It’s about as close as it can get to a lion’s mane crossed with an afro. If I were to wear it in a pony tail, I’d generate enough static electricity to run our small town. If I wear it in a loose bun, it bounces everywhere and (OCD!) drives me crazy! So, the only option is to wrap it up 3-4 times and then secure it tightly with a strong hair tie. Hair under control? CHECK!! From here on, it’s easy, slide on my ear cover, loop the headphones under the cover, place one in the right ear, making sure I can hear the music good and that it’s comfortable (OCD!), bump up the buff in front of my mouth, gloves, amphipod and I’m out the door? Yes, check, out the door.

Now…if only I hadn’t of forgotten that darn body glide…

On a side note, figured out today that my pace matches great with the song “I can transform ya” by Chris Brown. Had to get my left leg to be the main “beat” (OCD!) and I guess it’s an 84 bpm song? Maybe someone can tell me how slow that is?