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2 years 2 late

February 17, 2013

IMG_3937Ya, wow, two years since I’ve written and really, it feels as though it’s been two years since I’ve ran a lot! Yikes! A lot has happened in those two years but excuses are a crutch for the weak so I’m not going to go there. So let’s see, recent running. My last “race” was the 2011 Pikes Peak Ascent. I didn’t do so well and gave up. Pathetic. I’m a very competitive person and I’m the most competitive with myself. When I don’t do well, I give up instead of doing more to be better. Then, if I didtrain my ass off, I know I’d be an uber workout-aholic and it might impede on family time which I don’t want to happen.

No matter what, I am running more so that’s good. I’ve adopted some sort of running schedule and it helps. I also have a dog to run with and have found that taking music with me is motivating. The Incline became legal on 2/1/2013 so that is more motivation as well. Then there is the motivation of not being fat. If I don’t want to be fat, I’ve got to run. I’ve gotten way out of my comfort zone and it’s been tough to work it off. Yeah, I’m blessed with good athletic genes however, my body is NOT perfect and if I want to fit into my jeans, I need to tone it up.

Goals for 2013: run the Triple Crown (Garden of the Gods 10mi, Summer Round Up and Pikes Peak Ascent)

For now, it’s a goal just to run every day.

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